TUNJO ESTUDIO is born from the idea of ​​creating contemporary design products combined with Colombian artisan inspiration. My products offer a vanguard design proposal where colors, textures, patterns and details  make the difference.
 In addition, i add to the stock new age, natural and organic trendy products that are in the market today. We are inspired by our Colombian indigenous ancestral bases so the physical and virtual platform has a much more solid concept. Knowing where these objects that you use every day come from, help you see them with different eyes, enjoy them and appreciate them in other way because an object has the power to connect you with people and its traditions, the idea is to create contemporary design that is functional and conscious. 
A handmade piece combines knowledge and spontaneity. Each piece is never exactly the same as another, is unique. Collaborative work.
The first collection is called TUMBAGA and consts of 5 Products created for functional purposes
- Chisua Totebag - 
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