Tunjo Estudio is born from the idea of bringing the myths, rituals and beliefs of Colombian culture into the present through design.

Our ancestors created objects of power as votive offering pieces, objects that allowed us to communicate with the gods and could be traded as favors with our deities. These small gold figurines are called Tunjos, and can still be found in the rivers of the Andina region.  With these (encantos called Tunjos) as inspiration, we started to create a narrative around these objects that allowed us to draw a clear throughline from the stories of our history to the culture of the present moment.

These encantos inspire us to create decorative and functional design objects, transforming all the heritage that belongs to us into new works of contemporary design. Tunjos design products are made by the hands of the land that gave us birth, working in collaboration with Colombian artisans to preserve the indigenous artisanal techniques of the Andina region.

Our goal is to create products inspired by our roots that evolve in new directions, with more minimal looks and cleaner lines, but always inspired by pre-Columbian indigenous cultures.

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What is an encanto?

Is called encanto to a spectrum of non-homogeneous discursive manifestations, sometimes broad, sometimes reduced, and in different areas of Colombia. A set of discursive manifestations that can be either take the forms of people, animals, geographical features, buildings and supernatural beings are attributed, and that is typical of the orality that is primarily in force in the Colombian Andina rurality, but that also has its specificities.
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