• GENESIS in the retort • 
 The ground is the great connector of lives, the origin and destiny of all. He is the healer and restorer and resuscitator, by which sickness passes to health, age to you, death to life. Without proper care we cannot build community, because without proper care we cannot have life - a text by Wendell Berry that inspired me to work with this technique
 My first sculpture made in "Rammed Earth" one of the oldest construction methods since 4400 BC used globally that consists of compacting different types of earth. The color change is due to the abundance of iron / amount of organic matter / proportions of mineral grades among others. 
For this work I made a design in the shape of a spine or vertebral column. Each piece alludes to the vertebrae and discs of the spine, this work is made in collaboration with @benj_stephenson for the exhibition GENESIS in the retort  at @bema_space
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