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 The first before the beginning, the mold that shapes all things and the things formed by all the molds, the origin from which the universe floats, the universe itself and the center to which everything returns.
 The new exhibition by artists Ben Stephenson and Melissa Aristizábal is open to the public at Outsiders Gallery.  Before the beginning, when space was just noise and matter was a vacuum. A White Three-Face deity lived in one of the Hydra stars. For eons, doubly bent sober eons, the deity had fallen in love with the idea of ​​material. There was a shaman who constantly changed his appearance and knew the secrets of form and matter. Residence in a lower kingdom made of mud and earth. The world of raw materials.When the deity saw this unique being, she wanted to escape from her home veiled by the blankets of the night so as not to be seen by her sisters, and go down to earth to meet the Shaman, give birth to the fauna and flora of the world.For four consecutive nights the deity donned her cloak, performed a ritual to give herself a body in the form of a feline, and then, carried by the waters of quintessence, descended to the underworld to meet her changing lover.
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