Diseño de inmune en latín immunis •
La idea nace de esta epoca por la que estamos pasando todos, donde hay que protejerse y cuidarse. De situaciones, personas y energías. Que mejor protección que un león alado. Se crean una serie de camisetas de diferentes colores para diferente ocasión.  

These days my country is passing through very though times that ive never been or experienced before, there been coulple pacific marchs to protest about inequality in economy, pension, poverty, education, etc. that people in my country is tired of everything and i support them. Is not about right or left is about our rights as citizens and everybody is doing their own march for their own beliefs. Lets take care between each other.

Immune design in Latin immunis • The idea is born from this era that we all latinamericans are going through, where we have to protect ourselves of situations, people and energies. What better protection than a winged lion. A series of t-shirts are created to wear some protection.
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