By exploring the common threads between a range of cultures’ belief systems and creation myths that connect alternate yet related narratives which all seek to justify the "human condition" and the search for meaning within this. The relation in  this journey through an immersive installation of free-standing sculptures and a series of 7 paintings depicting moments of Materia Prima, metamorphosis and evolution, death of the earthly body, ascendance and the afterlife.
"GENESIS IN THE RETORT", is derived from the alchemical texts 'Elementa chemicae' by Professor J.C Barchusen, in which there are drawn parallels between the creative process and the search for the Eternal Spirit (also referred to as the Philosopher's Stone). They propose that creativity itself often being a muddy mixture of intuition, haphazard and chance with moments of clarifying thoughts shares many parallels with the processes of distilling tinctures and catalysing elements in the Alchemists studio too.
The exhibition takes places in BEMA Space, a cultural center located in Querétaro, México. This is the result of a 4 month residency program will open from March 10th 2021 until April 3rd 2021. The exhibition will be online the whole year at 

The final artworks are a syncretic mix of aesthetics and images taken from each of these referents, although seemingly diverse, their underlying narrative with a synthesis of recurring motifs and overall aesthetic brings the entire exhibition together. The paintings and sculptures are in conversation with one another creating a dialogue between the depicted and the material. Whilst the sculptures are totemic in nature and appear antiquated, they act as fetish or ritual objects built for the purpose of the exhibition and made with an adaptation of a technique most commonly called ‘Rammed Earth’ which can be destroyed and recycled back into the earth or to create new pieces at another time.
Melissa Aristizabal (Colombia) is a Designer and Muralist who reinvents notions of Divinity as found within cultures ranging from Mesopotamia to Catholicism. Taking Plato and Wenzel Jamnitzer as references, she studies sacred geometry and connections between psychology, philosophy and religion. Her studies of the occult in civilisations where we find myths, rites and magic, mysticism and alchemy has been the predominant catalyst for her current creative projects.​​​​​​​
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